Great Expectations

In a few hours I will be departing for Malawi, Africa. With any overseas outreach endeavor, I always ask people what their expectations are for the trip. Here are some of mine: 

I will be humbled. I expect to be humbled by seeing what God is doing and by being in the presence of men and women of great faith.

I will learn a lot. I expect to learn a lot from seeing others possessing seemingly so little materially yet possessing so much faith.

I will gain perspective on life here. Sometimes it takes stepping outside of your culture to evaluate your values and lifestyle.

I will miss my family. It’s more difficult to leave now in this season of life.

I would appreciate your prayers as we visit Bright Vision and document the feeding program, kitchen, farmland and malaria nets projects our church is involved in. Excited to spend time with the Hiroto’s and hope to bless and encourage them in their ministry.




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