This reflection was shared at the 2015 Christmas Eve service at Evergreen SGV.

This season, it can be easy to get caught up with the festivities, gatherings and gift giving, that Christmas passes us by and we forget why Jesus came in the first place.

Why did Jesus, God the Son, come to this world?

It would seem too fleeting to say that He came to merely cause a scene –a glimmer of hope with choirs of angels and shepherds keeping watch over their flocks.

It would seem too shortsighted to say Jesus came just to die. For He lives, and He lives to see us free.

It would be too limiting to say Jesus came to simply rescue you and me. For the entire creation groans in expectation of His coming again.

No. Jesus came to make things right. He came to make good again what had turned bad. He came to overcome injustice. He came to turn sorrow into joy. He came to reverse the curse. Jesus came to make all things new.

Jesus came to redeem, yes, but for what purpose? He came to redeem a people for himself in a world free from pain, suffering and death, where the blind see, the lame walk and the dead are raised to life again.

Jesus came to reign, yes, but not merely in our hearts. He came to reign over all of creation, over all of the world, for all eternity. For of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end.

Jesus didn’t just come for you and me. He came as the light of the world that all the ends of the Earth might know His name.

Jesus came to bring life and life abundantly. Not merely life that lasts forever. But life with God at the center and Christ on the throne, a life lived together under the kingdom of God here in this world.

Don’t you see? Jesus came to make all things new, to make the sad things come untrue, to make children of wrath children of God, to redeem all of creation to be good once again. He came into this world so that we could come into it too, bearing the light and life found in Christ to the entire world.

So this Christmas, maybe it’s not a feeling that your heart is longing for. For Christmas will come and go, and with that may come a tinge of sadness.

But Jesus came to reign forever. In this, may we find joy that will last forever.


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