Another song that I have enjoyed recently that speaks of putting music into action is Albertine by Brooke Fraser.

Fraser’s songs are better known from Hillsong United with some of my favorites such as Hosanna, Lead me to the Cross and Desert Song. Her songs are rich in content, unique in sound and clearly anointed by the Spirit. For more on worship, check out Ian Nagata’s blog.

In this song, Fraser speaks of her responsibility to tell the world about what she has seen in Rwanda, particularly about a girl named Albertine. Fraser shares about the meaning behind the song:

Albertine was a girl in Rwanda that I met on my first trip there in 2005. It was also the time when my music and passion for aid work collided. So I met Albertine and the man who rescued her in the genocide of 1994 who was a friend of mine. Before he introduced me to her he just said, “You have to go back to your people and write a song and tell them about us here in Rwanda”. And he almost commissioned me to write the song Albertine and so I came home to Sydney and knew that I had to write that song. I’ve never been able to just sit down and write a song about whatever I choose but fortunately the Lord came to my aid and that song came out.

Read the interview here.

Yet another case of music being put into action. May this song be a reminder that music can be a powerful tool in calling us all into action.

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