Thailand Vision Trip Day 6

Sawadeekap! Apologies for not blogging yesterday. We stayed at Doi Chang “elephant mountain” and the elephant did not have wifi :( Sorry if you thought we fell off the face of the planet but thanks for keeping up with the blog!

Fortunately, there wasn’t much to blog about yesterday. It was a “light” day in which we saw the border of Myanmar (Burma) and visited the Queen’s botanical gardens.

Afterwards, we were able to view another church plant of Maicharit at Ta-Ko-Sor that was actually the site of a Compassion International project. The project sponsors ~100 kids with education, health awareness, bible classes and Chinese classes. The hope is to have all the parents know the Bible after 5 years.

We heard from the pastor of the troubles he’s faced with authorities and the head village man, who opposes religious change from Buddhism to Christianity. The neat thing was this man was actually from this village and felt called to return to his village upon completing seminary. We were able to pray for him and his family along with the church and staff.

Pastor sharing with us with wife who directs Compassion project on right

Then it was off to Doi Chang, which interestingly enough was purchased by a man from Bangkok. That’s right, he bought the whole mountain (try that for a building project). The result is Doi Chang coffee, which is coffee from the mountain farmers. Because Arabica Coffee requires high elevation to grow, we made the trek up the mountain.

We visited another Maitrichit church plant at Doi Chang. The church started off as a hut, then in a small building and then finally in the current church building built by the mother church. The congregation is Akha and Lahu if I recall correctly.

Finally, we ended the day at our Doi Chang resort. We each had our own rooms with my room being the hut all the way at the top. The view was priceless and the room was quaint … until I saw a lizard, rat and giant grasshopper (oh my!). I literally had to kill bug after bug that came on my bed at night. Well, at least living at the Intern house prepared me to room with such critters. I was so happy that I made it alive in the morning … until I saw the rat scurry along the top of the doorway and it was time to roll-out.

And I thought I had the room all to myself ...


Amazing shots, Amazing mission

If you have been following the NBA finals (Yeah Lakers!), you’ve noticed some outrageous commercials of a group of guys who throw a basketball off an airplane and off a cliff on GMC commercials.

That group, better known as Dude Perfect, has done a number of trick shots and has subsequently become another youtube sensation.

Yet whereas other youtube acts are bound to be forgotten in the lore of “million-hit wonders”, Dude Perfect has ensured that their legacy goes beyond youtube. Continue reading “Amazing shots, Amazing mission”