Reflections from Haiti

Our team with Joanna Hodges

Though only five days long, my recent trip to Haiti revealed a lot to me about the country, its people, the work of the Good Samaritan Hospital hospital (HBS) and the importance of missionary care. Here is a snapshot of my reflections since returning: Continue reading “Reflections from Haiti”


Leaving on a Jet Plane to … Haiti

From February 24-29, I along with join Frank Murakami and Allen Yee will visit Hopital Bon Samaritain (HBS) in Limbe, Haiti, a hospital Evergreen members Bill and Joanna Hodges started serving at over 50 years ago. (It started as a Christian outpatient clinic in 1953 and grew under the direction of Bill Hodges.)

Please pray:

  • that we would be able to bless Joanna for the amazing legacy of ministry she and her husband helped establish
  • that we would encourage the workers in their ministry
  • that we would be able to see what God is doing there
  • that we would be able to discern what God may be calling Evergreen SGV to do there

I will attempt to post updates via twitter.

Pray for Haiti

Like the Katrina disaster on the gulf coast, the earthquake in Haiti garnered a lot of international attention but that has since died down. Unfortunately, the relief effort will take a long time and help is still needed.

Prior to the earthquake, I remember talking to the Haiti task force at our church and hearing how Haiti was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and faced multiple problems because of this widespread poverty. When the earthquake hit, more than 220,000 people died whereas 63 died in a similar magnitude quake in California in 1989.

Two of our members over 50 years ago started a hospital in Limbe, Haiti and it has played a role in the medical relief effort . If you are a nurse or doctor, they could always use help. Check it out.

  • Pray that people would have enough food to eat.
  • Pray that people would have tents and tarps for their dwelling.
  • Pray that the poverty in the nation would end.
  • Pray that people turn to God during this difficult time.