“Whose life is it anyways?” -Sermon on Human Trafficking in Thailand

On September 26, I was able to address our church family on what I sense should be our perspective on the human trafficking situation in Thailand based on our vision trip there. I thank Pastor Cory for the opportunity to share what the Lord has been putting on my heart for the past year. You can download the message here or listen below.

Here is the video I linked to at the end of the message:

*Be sure to hear Pastor Kenny Wada share on his impressions of Thailand on October 17.


Reflections on Thailand -“God moments”

A week has gone by since we were in Thailand and the times I wasn’t fighting jet lag, I’ve been able to reflect on what God showed us in Thailand. I found myself reading through my blog posts and recalling specific situations in which God revealed Himself to us, what I call “God moments”. This is important because it’s the reason why the four of us went to Thailand as opposed to just finding out what’s happening there through websites, videos or pictures. We wanted God to pave the way for our future ministry in Thailand.

Rare "God Moment" -Head of village is the man in yellow
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Thailand Vision Trip Day 5

Sawadeekap! The more I am in this country, the more I’m falling in love with the country and the people. It truly is a “land of smiles” and I love seeing the children play and laugh. So watch out Ron, Ju and Mike, I’m coming back speaking Thai kop kum kap very much!

Today we left Chiang Mai and set out for Chiang Rai. We met with Seurang and her brother Jack from Bangkok. They are our guides for the next two days in Chiang Rai and surrounding areas. George met them at church in Bangkok when he introduced himself as embarking on a church trip to see what we could do in Thailand. Seurang and Jack volunteered to be our guides and show us what their church is doing. Seurang is an architect by trade and Jack, a former businessman. They are our two new friends in Thailand!

Jack is part of the Maitrichit mother church in Bangkok and Seurang, the daughter church. The congregation is Chinese and so a lot of their outreach is to the Thai Lue, a Chinese tribe that immigrated from the Yunan province in China during WWII (look them up as well as the other hill tribes here). It was neat hearing the people speak in Thai and Chinese and I was able to put my Chinese (or lack thereof) to use. Continue reading “Thailand Vision Trip Day 5”