Pray for S. Africa

Operation World’s pray today nation just happens to be S. Africa. How fitting that is as we prepare for the Lausanne 3 Congress in Cape Town, S. Africa. It is interesting to read how the years of apartheid have left deep wounds among the people that remain today, something many of us may overlook. May we pray that S. Africa (which is predominately Christian at least on paper) be a strategic hub for missionaries to be sent out to all of Africa. Will you pray for S. Africa today?


You don’t have to go to S. Africa to be part of Lausanne 3

Evergreen SGV has been privileged to be involved with the 3rd Lausanne Global Congress in Cape Town, S. Africa through our Evergreen SGV Lausanne team. Four of our members (Reine Ishida, Ian Nagata, Elliott and Lori Snuggs) will be assisting the congress, which takes place Oct. 16-25. You can read their exciting (and I mean exciting!) blog here.

Now people will be able to participate in the congress here at Evergreen SGV! On Oct. 24 at 12:30pm in the Cafe, we will host a Lausanne Global Link event highlighting an actual plenary session from the Congress and tackling a major issue being discussed there. Lunch will be provided.

I encourage you to come out to this event as we join hearts with thousands of Christian leaders from around the world tackling the major issues the Church is confronted with for the foreseeable future. Although the issue we are going to tackle has not been determined yet, I sense that God wants us to discuss the topic of “Children and Youth” as Pastor Cory has mentioned that we as a church will continue to reach out to the “4-14 Window”, meaning the window of time a child is thought to be most open to the gospel from ages 4-14. Also, it is clear that the Lord has impressed the human trafficking situation, particularly among children, upon our hearts.

Pray for the Evergreen Lausanne team as Reine and Lori fly out on Sunday to join Elliott, who is already in Cape Town, and Ian, who is wrapping up things in Malawi. Pray for adequate times of preparation, rest and interaction with the Christian world leaders represented there. Pray especially for Elliott, who is overseeing the logistics at the convention facility, during this pivotal week of preparation. Pray for the attendees to be able to make their way to the congress from all over the world. Finally pray for the remaining financial support that is needed to allow this Congress to run.

*Because our Global Link event is only for an afternoon and not publicly listed, I would encourage you to check out the other Global Link events in our area that are being held for longer periods of time. Biola, APU and First Evangelical Church Association in Alhambra are hosting such one day Global Link events. Registration is required.